The nuts Crackers

We can make you smile

We belong to the fourth generation of a 100 years old firm

dealing in imports and wholesale of dry fruits and spices.

Our Parent firm - Chanchal Singh Pradhan Singh & Co.

situated in APMC Market, Vashi is one of the oldest
standing firm at the moment.

With the expertise of a 75 year old father and his two sons, CSPSco runs on loyalty and an ancestral name. With the aesthetics and culture of a family business,

the grand children have always been driven to take the legacy ahead with a modernised approach.

That's how The Nut Crackers was born !!

We can make you smile

Nuts aRe a very populaR food.

They'Re tasty, convenient, and can be enjoyed on all kinds of
diets - from keto to vegan.

They have a number of impRessive health benifits and are a gReat source of antioxidants!

Best in between meal snack to prevent the intake of junk

GReat toppeRs in salads and bakes foR an added cRunch