Our Nuts

We source the best Raw materials from their origin, like almonds stRaight from
Californian faRms, Cashews pRoudly gRown in India, Hazelnuts from turkey and dates
from IRan to name a few.

We at The Nut CRackeRs make sure all ingRedients added to the nuts aRe also supreme quality, that add value to the health quotient of the final pRoduct.

All ouR chocolate pRoducts are made using Belgian ingRedients and techniques.

Twisted Dragees

Oven roasted Californian Almonds covered in luscious belgian milk chocolate and an added essence of coffee

Oven Roasted Californian Almonds covered in decadent belgian 55% dark chocolate

Fun fusion of butterscotch, rice crisps and cut Roasted almonds covered in a combination of dark and milk chocolate.
Looks good tastes even better!
Pro tips: use as a topper for any ice Cream to make it a conversation starter amongst Your guests.

Sumptuous seedless dates with a roasted almond centre covered in feather thin layer of belgian dark chocolate.
The Perfect on the go dessert!

High roasted hazelnuts coated in mouth melting belgian milk chocolate. we bet you won't stop at one!

The seamless blend of cranberries, dark chocolate and a tinge of strawberry flavour giving your taste buds
a perfectly balanced sweet and tangy palette.

All Time Chakna

Oven Baked cashews tossed and tuRned in some all time favouRite PeRi PeRi seasoning.
Try it to know why this is oUr bestselleR.

Oven Roasted almonds coated in a smoked baRbeque flavouR.
YouR peRfect guilt fRee all day munchies.

Wholesome Goodness

A healthy mix of your favouRite dRy fRuits hand flattened with the essence of saffRon &
caRdamon to give it that supeRioR edge!

Cashew CRunchy

by the cashews, for the cashew, to the cashews!!
Hand flattened cashew crisps made with nothing but cashews!