The Nuts Crackers

Meet Sachi Kaur, Our Founder
"I wish that whatever I do, I do it with love"

I am a fashion stylist by training and
an alumnus of Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune.

Being a fashion enthusiast I also live the life of Fashion fluent
which is my social media presence as an influencer.

My family business has taught me haRdwork & made me believe that

Quality Is Always Above Quantity!

Being born in a family where the main business revolves around dryfruits,
it was a mandatory morning starter for us!

The idea of the Nut CRackeRs was a spontaneous one, when
one day I got extRemely boRed of eating the same nuts everyday.

We at The Nut CRackeRs work towards making dRy fruits more fun
while maintaining the majoR qualities.

Mix with your healthy recipes or eat them as is, they will never disappoint you!
We promote a healthy snacking experience whetheR it is sweet oR savouRy

The Nut CRackers PRomotes eating various nuts but with a twist.

We can make you smile

Nuts aRe a very populaR food.

They'Re tasty, convenient, and can be enjoyed on all kinds of
diets - from keto to vegan.

They have a number of impRessive health benefits and are a gReat source of antioxidants!

Best in between meal snack to prevent the intake of junk

GReat toppeRs in salads and bakes foR an added cRunch